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Doing what they do is extremely fulfilling for them and they wouldn’t change it for anything. They don’t only want to capture the moments that you want, but give you the memories you deserve. Stanley & Allie want to be able to create a legacy for you.

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Their favorite part about capturing weddings is not to get the best shots, but it’s to be able to capture the day as it happens, all the little details, and all the big moments. They love to document rather than make your day into a production. Your day is special & unique, and it's their job to allow you to relive those memories. They are so grateful to be in this position and it's an honor for them to create these timeless heirlooms for their clients.

A full service photo & video team based in New York City

This is one of their most emotional videos yet. Literally everyone attending Alley & Isaac’s wedding cried! They had a fantastic welcome party in Epcot that included fireworks and a ride on Remy’s! Their wedding was just breathtaking in front of the Tree of Life and had so many fun moments between the toasts and a surprise visit from Mickey & Minnie! 

Alley & Isaac

Walt Disney World, Florida

Animal Kingdom

I don’t think they have ever seen a bride and groom hail a taxi to their venue after their portraits session! This New York City wedding was so unique and beautiful. The intimacy of it felt so comforting and warm. They got ready in a hotel on the same black as a marathon. Then had their ceremony in the city, and then had their reception nestled under the Brooklyn Bridge.

Erin & Daniel

Brooklyn, New York

The River Cafe

- cassandra & josh

Our experience with Stanley and Allie was nothing short of extraordinary. From our engagement shoot to the wedding day, they consistently went above and beyond to capture the most magical moments of our journey...On our wedding day, Stanley and Allie not only remembered every detail we discussed but also brought their own creative touch, capturing moments we hadn't even thought of. 

Our experience with Stanley & Allie was nothing short of extraordinary

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- alley & isaac

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One of the best decisions we made when choosing vendors was picking Stanley! His work is unmatched and there is no competition in our eyes. His attitude, getting the most amazing footage possible and excitement for the wedding made it such a fun experience. The teaser blew us away and got us so pumped to see the rest of the footage. Honestly, you will not find a better videographer. You won’t regret it!

one of the best decisions we made...was picking Stanley

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- christy & james

It is not every day you stumble upon a wedding vendor like Stanley & Allie...It all came together really beautifully, in a way we weren't even expecting. It was beyond what we expected...My favorite part about working with Stanley & Allie is the fact that we are still friends months later after our wedding.

It is not every day you stumble upon a wedding vendor like Stanley & Allie

- farhath & mike

Stanley is simply fantastic to work with. Not only did he understand our vision, but was super easy to work with us for a big indian wedding. Cannot recommend him enough!

Cannot recommend him enough!

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- taylor & colin

He was incredible, and our final product is absolutely breathtaking... There's nothing that beats watching the best day of your life... and I am so grateful and so glad I decided to go with him. So do yourself a favor and use him, you absolutely will not regret it!

 So do yourself a favor and use him, you absolutely will not regret it!

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- kayla & jason

I'm blown away with how beautiful that was. The whole day you were just there for us the entire time...You made us feel like movie stars! I truly felt like a princess that day and I'm so glad you captured it!

 You made us feel like movie stars!

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